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BCIS Online

BCIS Online

This tool helps you prepare cost plans, provide early cost advice to clients and benchmark costs for both commercial and residential buildings

Access independent cost data through a 12 month subscription for this online tool

  • Benefits
  • What's included & Indices


It will help you

  • Benchmark; It gives a view of the market and bid comparisons to help ensure that sum costs are in the right ball park.
  • Determine what a building should cost.
  • Expand your horizon. If your firm focuses on a particular sector BCIS can provide you with a wider view of the market.
  • Your firm to enter new markets or do jobs outside your normal scope.
  • Save you invaluable time in your work as everything you need is in one place.
  • Your firm might benchmark one sector but will not have the data for cross sector benchmarking – It can help you to gap fill.
  • Show you when the profit will fall out of a project.  The data will help predict the profitability of your project more confidently.
  • Give you reassurance, as you are using BCIS data that you can be more confident in profit levels. 
  • Provide assurance and gives your quotes/tenders credibility. BCIS is reliable; our data is not subject to commercial bias. It is the only available source of independent data in the UK.

Used by

  • Quantity surveyors and contractors
  • Cost Consultants
  • Building Contractors
  • Property Developers
  • Investors
  • Property Owners
  • Building Surveyors
  • Financial Analysts
  • Architects
  • Commercial Property Surveyors
  • Local/Central Government
  • Housing Associations
  • Universities

What's included & Indices

What's included

  • Over 20,000 cost analyses
  • Includes average £/m2 building prices
  • Select projects that are relevant to what you are working on.
  • Edit the data  to suit your needs; the Elemental Analyses cannot be edited, but can be downloaded to excel, for example, and manipulated off line and independently of BCIS.
  • Location and time adjustment factors within the cost database allow you to use the data in a flexible way to suit your individual project needs.
  • On selected analyses it is possible to view ‘Drawings & Plans’ to compliment the price data and so you can see the analyses in greater detail.
  • As well as a search capability to locate information, useful help pages are provided in each section.
  • RICS Daywork rates are also included that include construction wage rates, labour rates.
  • A Construction Duration Calculator is included to help you estimate the construction build time and monitor performance.
  • Includes access to BCIS Housing Online, giving you cost infromation and guidance for the house building sector in the UK. It provides you with a searchable online database of cost analyses and average prices including reference information, market breifings, news and digests specifically for housing professionals.
  • You have direct access to BCIS Technical assistance to help you with your queries.



  • BCIS Cost Indices
  • BCIS Tender Price Indices (TPI)
  • Building Cost Indices
  • BCIS Regional Price Indices
  • BCIS Output Indices
  • BCIS Trade Indices
  • Construction New Orders
  • Construction Output
  • House Prices
  • Housing Starts and Completions
  • Resource Indices
  • Retail Prices 


Based on the number of people in your organisation not the number of users. Prices exclude VAT. 

Sole Practitioner

RICS Professional - £835 
Non-RICS Professional - £1,700

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Professional Practice 2-3

RICS professional - £1,750
Non-RICS professional - £2,600

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Professional Practice 4-9

RICS professional - £1,860
Non-RICS professional - £3,000


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...the BCIS database was able to provide what we couldn’t manage ourselves in-house...

Public Sector Firm on 01/01/2017

I needed to justify £6m of spend; by using the BCIS database I was able to use the up-to-date benchmarking data, to adjust the date of the build and use the location factors to validate the difference in cost from building on a green field site in the North, against demolishing and reconstruction on a site in the South, over a year later. The data we require is quite specialist yet the BCIS database was able to provide what we couldn’t manage ourselves in-house.

...whenever there is a change in the market, we are able to adapt...

Benoit Midol, Estimating Manager on 12/01/2016
Bouygues UK

Until just over two years ago we were focused on one client, working with the British Government on their schools and hospital programme. But the cuts introduced by Government meant we had to diversify our market into the private sector. We had no information for residential or refurbishment projects, but the BCIS database gave us everything we needed. Now, whenever there is a change in the market, we are able to adapt. It is one of the benefits of subscribing to BCIS.

This has helped the P21+ programme exceed its 14% construction cost reduction target as part of the Government Construction Strategy...

David Low on 02/08/2015
Construction Procurement Team
Department of Health

The Department was keen to ensure the wealth of data under the P21+ programme reaches the widest audience possible. The BCIS on-line portal provides this information in a recognised format and importantly has been sense checked by the BCIS as part of the publication process. Availability of cost data supports budget development, benchmarking and cost management for new and developing healthcare projects. This has helped the P21+ programme exceed its 14% construction cost reduction target as part of the Government Construction Strategy.

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