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Building Running Costs Online

Building Running Costs Online

An estimating expenditure tool which helps facilities managers and surveyors who specialise in facilities management, maintenance and operating costs

Access independent cost info through a 12 month subscription for this online tool

  • Benefits
  • What's included & Indices


It will help you

  • Produce lifecycle costings, benchmarking, planning, budgeting, forecasting, estimating, and cost control
  • Compare component costs and how they will last over time, so that decisions can be made at the beginning of a project
  • Give you reassurance, as you are using BCIS data that you can be more confident in profit levels

Used by

  • Financial Analysts
  • Quantity Surveyors and Contractors
  • Building Contractors
  • Building Surveyors
  • Commercial Property Surveyors
  • Local/Central Government
  • Facilities Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Property Developers
  • Cost Consultants
  • Installation Experts
  • Housing Associations
  • Universities 

What's included & Indices

What's included

  • The information is split into building maintenance, decorations, fabric and operations, cleaning, utilities and administration costs, helping you with your building refurbishment and running costs
  • You can choose from a wide range of building functions within the cost database allowing you to use the data in a flexible way to suit your individual project needs
  • You can find our component life costs. Figures for the life expectancy of over 300 common building components - substructure, superstructure, finishes, fittings and furnishings, and external works
  • You can compare the running costs of different building types, from a range of anything from one to 60 years. A typical spend profile will be produced showing the estimated expenditure for each year of the selected period
  • Information is also given on the factors that affect the deterioration or failure of the components. The figures are based on the experience of building surveyors
  • Gives you the ability to save cost assessments on the system or send to the client
  • You can also enter the buildings value so that you can calculate the whole life cycle cost of a building


  • A selection of the most common Wage Agreements and Dayworks Rates will be regularly updated and available online. Historical data back to 1987 is also available and will show the changes in labour costs over the last 20 years.

Average prices for Rehabilitation

  • A total of 2700 projects have been extracted from the BCIS database that include various levels of refurbishment. The average costs of refurbishment and rehabilitation can be searched by building type, and the 'calculator' will show the mean, median, and range of costs.


  • Maintenance Cost and Price Indices
  • Energy Cost and Retail Prices Indices
  • Interactive Life Cycle Costs Module
  • Life Expectancy of Building Components
  • Average Refurbishment Costs (£/m2)
  • Online access to pricing database
  • Two Occupancy Cost Plans - these publications look at specific buildings and through the preparation and pricing of a maintenance schedule produce a 20 year expenditure plan
  • Economic Significance of Maintenance
  • Wage and Dayworks Rates
  • Construction Orders and Output Data
  • Average prices
  • Life cycle costs
  • Life cycle sources
  • Component life
  • Wages
  • Dayworks
  • Schedule of rates -BCIS Building Maintenance Prices (online price book)
  • RICS Schedule of Basic Plant Charges
  • Briefing
  • BMI Maintenance Cost Indices
  • BMI Energy Cost Indices
  • BMI Maintenance Price Indices
  • Construction New Orders
  • Construction Output
  • Miscellaneous Indices
  • Resource Indices
  • Retail Prices


Price excludes VAT and is based on the size of your organisation.

Sole practioner

RICS Professionals - £735 
Non-RICS Professionals - £1,250

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Professional Practice 2-3

RICS Professionals - £880
Non-RICS Professionals£1,250 

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Professional Practice 4-9

RICS Professionals - £1,000
Non-RICS Professionals - £1,300


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Indices that can be purchased individually

Building Running Cost Indices Online

RICS Professional - £580
Non-RICS Professional - £750

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Reviews excellent tool to help us create life cycle cost forecasts

Anthony Waterman on 12/03/2013
Adw Developments

We are a specialist life cycle costing consultancy, annually working on projects with a construction value of over £1 billion. We provide BREEAM Life Cycle Cost and Service Life Planning appraisals. BCIS Running Costs Online is an excellent tool to help us create life cycle cost forecasts, carry out benchmarking and demonstrate how the design team can identify solutions that minimise life cycle costs and maximise critical value for a scheme

...saved our clients 5%

Commercial manager on 05/09/2013
Large facilities management firm

We needed an annual paint cost to paint our hospitals. Our quoted price was £2.10m2. We used the BCIS 2014 Rates to benchmark and compare our quotes. We actually then bought our annual paint cost for £2m2, this saved our clients 5%

VINCI Facilities has been using the BCIS Building Running Costs online tool for many years

Owen Gower on 03/08/2013
Commercial manager
Vinci Facilities

VINCI Facilities has been using the BCIS Building Running Costs online tool for many years. The cost indices and rates provide a valuable resource for all manner of projects. Recently, VINCI has developed a software tool for our FM clients that link their asset inventory directly into the BCIS 2014 rates allowing an accurate forecast of life cycle costs over any number of years. The rates are also used to benchmark our supply chain costs and assist in driving and then providing best value. For example, the BCIS rate for a particular specification of decorating is £2.10/m²; using this to drive value, we procured it at £2.10/m² and we could pass that saving directly to our client.

Thames Valley Police

Quantity surveyor on 12/05/2013
Thames Valley Police

We are large public sector firm managing c130 sites and 220 buildings. When looking to downsize our estate I used the BCIS Building Running Costs Database to compare the running costs of one of our existing buildings with newer building alternatives to establish the viability to downsize and move into the alternative property. BCIS Running Costs Database is a valuable tool in assisting us to compare different buildings to help reduce our ongoing revenue costs

Very useful in providing client with time basis to estimate project duration

Gavin Brown on 04/02/2013
Telereal Trillium


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