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2 SEP 2019

BCIS Schedule of rates and price books updated for 2020

The latest BCIS review of construction costs shows that costs have generally risen between 1.8% to 3.8% over the last 12 months. However, the picture is not the same across all trades. For example, the costs of brickwork and blockwork and painting and decoration increased by around 5% in the same period. This underlines the importance of using the most up-to-date datasets to ensure that your estimates are accurate.

The BCIS resource datasets have been revised and updated for 2020 to include all recent changes to wage rates, plant and materials prices, revisions to adjustment factors and over 350 new items. Pricing information is based on 2nd quarter 2019. They are published in the following data sets:

  • BCIS Comprehensive building price book – major works 2020 (37th edition)
  • BCIS Comprehensive building price book – minor works 2020 (37th edition)
  • BCIS Alterations & refurbishment price book 2020 (25th edition) and
  • BCIS Dilapidations price book 2020 (8th edition).

The BCIS major works estimating dataset focuses mainly on large new-build projects with a value of around £3.5m, reflecting the economies of scale found in these types of scheme. The BCIS minor works estimating dataset focuses on small- to medium-sized new-build projects, around £1 m in value, reflecting the increase in costs brought about by reduced output, lower discounts and increased carriage and supervision.

The 2020 editions include:

  • new road marking rates
  • an extended section on fencing
  • steel stair specialist rates with detailed build-ups
  • an extended section on manholes and
  • ground source heating pumps.

The BCIS Dilapidations dataset is specifically designed for pricing a schedule of dilapidations, providing reliable and independent price data. This dataset is essential for anyone providing early cost advice to landlords or tenants on costs of complying with schedules of dilapidations.

New content in the 2020 edition includes:

  • extended decoration items
  • heated towel rails
  • additional sanitary fittings and
  • new road marking rates.

The Schedule of rates online versions of the datasets are accessible on computer, netbook or tablet. These allow subscribers to create, save and reuse abstracts for bills of quantities or estimates and have the option of adjusting rates for location and base date, as well as providing rate breakdowns.

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Printed copies of the BCIS Dilapidations 2020, BCIS Comprehensive major and minor 2020 and the BCIS Alterations and refurbishments 2020 price books are available from BCIS price books