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24 MAY 2019

Risk of inflation in civil engineering

For contractors and clients alike one of the biggest risks on any project is inflation. In uncertain times a consistent analysis of the factors that drive costs will provide an understanding of the inflationary pressures in the civil engineering sector.

The new BCIS Civil Engineering Trends and Forecasts (CET+F) is an online service providing measures of cost and price inflation in the infrastructure sectors.

The new service provides market intelligence and considered forecasts to help subscribers understand and mitigate the risk of inflation.

The BCIS indices and market report view the sector and major subsectors of infrastructure, providing measures and forecasts for:

  • demand
  • costs
  • prices
  • general economic background

The service will help subscribers understand and manage your inflation:

  • identifying the inflationary pressures on your business and projects
  • providing a consistent approach to measuring and forecasting inflation
  • managing and mitigate the impact of inflation
  • accessing consistent measures of inflation in civil engineering
  • applying the most appropriate inflation measures in contracts
  • assessing the risk of inflation on contracts
  • helping with strategic planning, project planning, budgeting, investment decisions, etc.
  • ensuring that benchmarking studies use an appropriate inflation adjustment

BCIS has been measuring and forecasting construction demand cost and prices for over 50 years. Our experience in measuring price and cost movement has given us an unrivalled insight into the relationship between demand, cost and price. Our experience and methodology bring a consistent and transparent approach to creating a forecast.

BCIS also provide bespoke forecasts tailored to your business, specific projects or locations.

For further details contact David Crosthwaite