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isurv Public Sector

isurv Public Sector

isurv provides you with knowledge and information to help you resolve the challenges public sector bodies face when dealing with the public and private businesses.

Valuing public sector assets

isurv provides clear guidance on valuing all types of commercial and residential properties with clear step-by-step guidance from industry practitioners and legal experts.

With RICS best practice templates and checklists, isurv outlines the most appropriate valuation calculation and methodology for each property type.

isurv guidance on calculations and methodology

isurv also provides guidance on taxation issues as well as full and interactive access to the Red Book valuation Standards and all historic editions back to 2005.

Additional reading RICS public sector asset management information

Effective estate management

isurv provides invaluable guidance for the effective management of public sector assets.       

From best practice guidance of letting and block management, through to effective landlord and tenant relationship management, isurv provides you with the knowledge needed to help you quickly resolve everyday issues.

isurv Public sector covers:

  • service charges
  • legal positions of the landlord, tenants and lease holders
  • downloadable RICS documents and checklists including tenant and landlord inspection lists
  • rent review - procedures and guidelines
  • full access to all RICS Residential Standards including valuation, commercial property and residential.

Public Sector Maintenance

From calculating property rates for empty and mixed use properties, through to managing the up keep of a property portfolio, isurv provides you with impartial information to give you the knowledge to resolve everyday issues.

isurv Public sector covers:

  • service charges - using the correct calculation methodology, legal requirements
  • dilapidations
  • EPCs
  • downloadable RICS documents and checklists including the schedule of dilapidations
  • sustainability - information and advice on improving the energy performance of a building.

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