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E-Tendering, 2nd edition

E-Tendering, 2nd edition

Concerned with the tender process and procedure rather than procurement, this note provides guidance on perceived barriers to the wide-scale adoption of e-tendering within the construction industry.

E-tendering provides a framework where both clients and tenderers can reduce their costs, remove unnecessary administration and streamline the overall tendering process.

This guidance note has been fully updated to respond to the growth in the preparation of tender documents in electronic format and the introduction of the RICS e-tendering system. It relates to the management of the contractor selection and price setting processes as part of the procurement of construction work.

The note addresses the complete process, from the preliminary enquiry through to tender acceptance and withdrawal, and considers the practical and legal implications of e-tendering in relation to:

  • tender methodologies, different electronic formats and their impact upon information exchange
  • the benefits and constraints that different technologies provide
  • security issues, tendering procedures and workflow
  • assessment of tenders and notification of results.

Appendices include a glossary of terms, sample materials, checklists, and information on further resources.

This guidance note is part of the RICS Quantity Surveying & Construction Standards (the Black Book).