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How do you build a cluster?

This was one of the questions addressed by the “Clustering to Compete” panel at the Forum’s annual Summit held in London this year.

John Kraus, Director of External Affairs, RICS
7 June 2018

Analysis of 10 cleantech clusters in North America and Europe, carried out by Dian Phylipsen of SQ Consult in The Netherlands, provides some answers.

The research suggests that a cleantech cluster is likely to have a significant positive impact on the local economy, with both economic growth rates and jobs growth increasing with up to a factor 2-3 compared to other sectors or the economy as a whole.

It is also likely to lead to higher educated, higher paid jobs in the region, increase entrepreneurial activities and spur innovation. The largest direct impact of cluster organisations or initiatives on economic growth and employment can be expected when its support activities include helping its target audience achieve financing to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialization, i.e. bringing products and services to market.

This can include direct financing or making activities finance-ready (support for developing sound business models and business plans) and connecting start-ups with financiers.

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