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Carol Lemmens

Global Advisory Services Leader, Arup 

Carol Lemmens is leader of Arup's Global Advisory Service. Advisory Service is the global strategic business offering of Arup spanning skills in strategy as well as insights, finance and economics, programmes and projects, assets and operations, people and organisations. Carol also spearheads Arup's circular economy work.

Carol joined Arup in 2015 and brings over 27 years of experience, much of which has been spent in strategy and business development. Carol works comfortably in both technological and industrial environments.

Carol was instrumental in developing Arup's position paper to define the circular economy in the context of the built environment. He also coordinates Arup's work as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's (EMF) knowledge partner for the built environment. The partnership enables the Foundation and Arup to work together to develop circular economy principles across cities, transport, energy and water. Carol is also involved in research projects with EMF to scope a circular economy vision for India and China and in the recently initiated Circular Cities research project.

Carol also regularly contributes to circular economy thought pieces, presentations and interviews both within Arup and externally.

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