Building control surveyors ensure that that building regulations and other legislation are followed in the design and construction stages of new and altered buildings.

RICS Building Control Surveyors

Building control surveying gives professionals the opportunity to work on a huge range of building types as part of a normal day.

Working in the public and private sector, building control surveyors work alongside architects, designers, builders and contractors from the conception of a design to its completion and use.

Building control surveyors check proposed plans to ensure they meet required standards, including areas such as fire safety, energy conservation, structural stability and disabled access. They also follow the project through and check it during construction.

Due to their depth of knowledge, building control surveyors are often called upon to give options when designs fail to meet standards or where unforeseen problems are found on site, and are approached for advice on ways to achieve cost-effectiveness in respect of materials used and energy conservation.

Projects worked on can range from relatively small housing extensions through to large city centre redevelopments.

Building control surveyors working for local authorities are also responsible for inspecting potentially dangerous structures that may have been damaged by situations such as fire or adverse weather conditions and advising on action to be taken.

Other responsibilities may include administering entertainment licences, addressing safety at sports grounds and other open-air events, and cinema and theatre inspections.

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