Modus is the RICS magazine that brings you the latest news and views, expert advice and in-depth features spanning the breadth of the surveying profession around the world.

Its title comes from our motto: est modus in rebus – 'there is measure in all things'.

Modus has a circulation of over 90,000 and we recently won 'Best use of Illustration' at the 2015 Content Marketing Awards.

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  • Modus Asia edition, Q1 2016
    Finance & taxation

    Modus Asia edition, Q1 2016

    Risk versus reward: it’s an age-old conflict ever-present in the worlds of economics and finance.

  • The Frontiers issue

    The Frontiers issue

    A perfect storm of job losses during the last – property-led – recession, an aging workforce, and a lack of awareness about the profession in school leavers has created a skills shortage at all levels of the construction sector.

  • The Connected Issue
    Quantity surveying & construction

    The Connected Issue

    We live in a connected society. Every aspect of our lives is now – to some degree – influenced by the connections we make. Could your journey to work benefit from a better integrated transport network? Is your broadband speed too slow? Should you accept that LinkedIn invite?

  • The private issue
    Estate agency

    The private issue

    In a world saturated with wall-to-wall news feeds, blanket social media coverage and increasing levels of public scrutiny, how do those who favour discretion conduct their business?

  • The conflict issue
    Dispute resolution

    The conflict issue

    The disruptive effects of conflict touch many parts of the surveying profession, whether through construction site disputes, office culture clashes or the very real threat faced by those working in war zones past, present and future.

  • The trust issue
    Business & management

    The trust issue

    It's possibly our most valuable commodity. In what or whom should you put your trust? How can you guarantee it? And what does the profession need to do to earn it?

  • The value issue

    The value issue

    When it comes to our natural resources, are we in danger of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing?

  • The Africa issue
    Planning & development

    The Africa issue

    Africa is one of the world's few remaining great frontiers. Where are the most exciting opportunities, what are the challenges of doing business there and what does its future hold for the profession?

  • The people issue
    Facilities management

    The people issue

    This month's Modus is all about you. What does the future hold for the surveyor? What type of job will you be doing and in what type of workplace?

  • The play issue
    Quantity surveying & construction

    The play issue

    This issue launches an evolved new look for Modus, with even more practical and inspiring content.

  • The food issue

    The food issue

    As the world population hurtles toward nine billion, our demand for food will increase steadily.

  • Modus Americas - the Leadership issue

    Modus Americas - the Leadership issue

    This month we select 25 inspirational people who have risen to the top of the profession, and find out what leadership means to them.