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  • Ahead of the game
    Property technology

    Ahead of the game

    So, who’s taking the lead with augmented reality, drones, BIM and blockchain? Here’s your answer…

  • How RICS provides value
    Project management

    How RICS provides value

    The idea to enhance professional development and analyze new market opportunity while networking sounded very exciting.

  • Meet the surveyor of the future
    Property technology

    Meet the surveyor of the future

    Meet the drone-flying, BIM-using, forward-thinking, user-experiencing, dog-walking, AR-dwelling, blockchaining, continually thinking, scenario-designing, wax jacket-wearing, value-adding, data-wrangling, change-embracing surveyor of the future. Recognise yourself in there?

  • RICS disciplinary process demystified
    Building surveying

    RICS disciplinary process demystified

    The Chartered Surveying profession is in the privileged position of having the authority, under the royal charter, to self-regulate. This is a good thing for many reasons and not least for the profession itself, which benefits from having a “one stop” professional body.

  • Why we were at COP21

    Why we were at COP21

    Our sector is complex. It has many stakeholders with different interests and needs and we often find that there is disconnect between delivery and operation as developers may not have a direct connection with end-users. This fragmentation is a problem.