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  • COP22: a big day for buildings

    COP22: a big day for buildings

    COP22, which will be held between 7–18 November in Marrakech, will once again play host to Buildings Day (10 November), and this time it's all about showing progress.

  • Common standards, common good

    Common standards, common good

    To operate successfully, multinational companies are no longer just about profits; society demands they are transparent, ethical and, above all, responsible. Sustainability is a key consideration for many of these companies, not just because of their corporate responsibility remit, but also because making buildings more efficient makes for better business.

  • Why we were at COP21

    Why we were at COP21

    Our sector is complex. It has many stakeholders with different interests and needs and we often find that there is disconnect between delivery and operation as developers may not have a direct connection with end-users. This fragmentation is a problem.

  • Why are measurement, data and accountability so important?

    Why are measurement, data and accountability so important?

    As stakeholder feedback and numerous studies have shown, Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable (MRV) information is pivotal to accelerating energy-efficiency in the construction and real estate and sector.