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  • The future will see you now

    Technology and the ever-increasing availability of data is changing almost every aspect of the way we live our lives, from the way we travel and communicate to the way we design, construct and respond to the built environment. We caught up with leading thinkers at Digital Construction Week (DCW), a UK-based event series dedicated to digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing, and operation. Here's what we learned.

  • Using Data Science to build a better world

    When people think of construction, they often think of building work taking place in their immediate community. Projects that follow a common template, building upon existing ideas are known as “paradigm takers”.

  • Green lending and its importance to the built environment

    Lloyds Banking Group launched the first-of-its-kind initiative to support clients to reduce CO2 emissions from their real estate assets in March 2016. With the built environment responsible for almost 40% of energy consumption, as well as 36% of carbon emissions in the UK, incentivising and supporting green improvements for real estate clients is a priority area for Lloyds.