Currie & Brown's Staff Voice initiative provides a platform for all staff in the UK to raise a question or air a concern with senior management. The initiative has proved a great success with over 360 questions submitted and responded to in its first year, and a number of material changes implemented.

Currie & Brown

Comprising a diverse range of individuals, each representing a region or service area of the business, each staff member is democratically elected by employees in the area they represent and is responsible for submitting questions from their constituents, who can request to remain anonymous. The elected representatives are also called upon to act as a focus group for the business and to help senior management understand the views of the wider staff body.

A business must have communication, transparency and accountability at its core and this is one of the ways in which we enable and encourage these behaviours.

The group meets quarterly to submit answers and review senior management’s written responses from the previous meeting. The meetings are chaired by an individual appointed from within the group and attended by the CEO and HR Director. This setup is designed to facilitate an opportunity for two-way discussion around each of the topics raised. After each meeting, the reviewed, written responses to each question are published on the company’s intranet and all staff are notified — this is an integral part of the process.

Currie & Brown is committed to full transparency and all questions receive a considered answer, with the option for staff to ask subsequent follow-up questions. Giving this channel of direct and anonymous feedback, is a way in which Currie & Brown ensures an inclusive environment, where all views are listened and responded to, and where all individuals feel they have a voice.

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