Toolkit: Exploring responsible business

Ursula Hartenberger

Global Head of Sustainability (RICS)

Where will your business be in 10, 20 or even 50 years? What impact will issues of human rights, corruption or the environment have on your local, or global business?

un_headquarters_flagsRICS has been working with the United Nations Global Compact on identifying the most critical issues facing companies with a stake in land, real estate and construction. The aim is to make responsible business the status quo and encourage companies to think holistically about the environmental and social impact of their business activities, and strategic investment decisions. 

‘Advancing Responsible Business Practices in Land, Construction, Real Estate Use and Investment’ (download available on the right hand side of this page) is the product of a two year collaboration between RICS and the United Nations Global Compact. Together we identified 15 key issues and 15 actions that are tied to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact - in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption -  and created a ‘responsible business’ roadmap for our sector and its users.
We have consulted with companies large, and small, across the sector and across the world. This resource takes a holistic approach in terms of both its scope and its target users. The key areas of the UN Global Compact, and the action items are of universal relevance for decision makers within every company.

Comments (2)

  1. I think the Global Compact is one of the most comprehensive CSR pieces of work that I've seen, plus it's relevant. My concern is that it will not be taken up by members so RICS needs to think how it is rolled out. To do my bit I've shared to the APC Assessors' Linkedin Group.

    It would be useful to consider:

    1. Make elements of this, in particular the self assessment checklist, part of RICS awards, or set up a separate award category for CSR. This would highlight the document and encourage interaction

    2. A longer term aspiration could be to award accreditation to firms or projects based on meeting the criteria of the Global Compact, such as the inclusive employer mark RICS has just launched. This would be useful in the construction sector as I see firms struggle to demonstrate CSR and the self assessment checklist would help. An external assessing of this would help more.

    David Inman David Inman, 2 July 2015 2 at 10:56AM

  2. This is a really good piece of work and congratulations to RICS for the forethought to be leaders in this space. Corporate Social Responsibility has long been dealt with by large public companies but all business should aspire to make positive steps to be ethical in all that they do.

    Our business has discussed the content and made the commitment to become signatories to the UNGC. Our team are all invested in such a positive program and it's ideals.

    I encourage other RICS accredited firms and valuers to get involved.

    Gregory Sugars Gregory Sugars, 18 January at 01:19AM

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