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Achieving RICS professional status and CEIV credential

EY employees are invited to begin the journey towards MRICS qualification and gaining the CEIV credential by completing the below information.

What does ‘qualifying fair value measurement experience’ mean?

Qualifying fair value measurement experience, for the purpose of the CEIV credential, may include: auditor specialists valuation reviews of fair value measurements prepared by a third party or by management; firm review of fair value measurements prepared by the firm’s valuation team; reviewing and signing valuation reports; performing, mentoring, supervising or managing fair value measurement engagements; and consulting on, instructing, authoring, developing thought leadership and staff development on fair value measurement matters.

Visit the CEIV Credential website for more information

Download the Senior Professional Assessment Eligibility form

RICS CEIV Candidate Declaration

I have read the following and hereby undertake:

To comply and act in accordance with the Charter, By-Laws,  Regulations and Rules of RICS as they now exist, or as they may in the future be amended, and also comply with such other requirements as Governing Council shall determine.

  • To promote the Objects of RICS as far as in my power.
  • Not at any time after ceasing to be a member to use or permit to be used in conjunction with my name, or name of any organization with which I may at any time be associated, any designation or expression denoting or suggesting membership or any connection with RICS.
  • To pay promptly any monies due to RICS, including but not limited to any fee, subscription, levy, arrears, fine or other penalty, or re-imbursement in accordance with any scheme of compensation, or in respect of any goods or services commissioned by me from RICS.
  • To declare any criminal conviction within 30 days.
  • That should I wish to terminate my membership, to notify the Chief Executive in writing.

I confirm that I have disclosed to RICS full details of the following where applicable:

  • any charge or conviction of a criminal offence where the penalty could be imprisonment, unless it is now a spent conviction as provided in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or the equivalent in my jurisdiction
  • any pending disciplinary proceedings or adverse findings made against me by another regulatory body within the last 3 years
  • I am not an undischarged bankrupt
  • I have not in the last three years been subject to any insolvency proceedings or other arrangement with creditors in respect of my debts (such as an Insolvency Voluntary Arrangement).

I confirm that I have:

  • a minimum of 3,000 hours of qualifying fair value measurement experience related to businesses, business interests, intangible assets, certain liabilities, and inventory for financial reporting purposes over the last five years prior to application for the CEIV credential
  • a college degree or equivalent

If at any time RICS discovers that you have failed to disclose any of the above or that you have provided false information it will have the right to terminate your membership and/or your CEIV credential with immediate effect (with no further obligation to refund any subscription or other fees).

I understand and accept that I am accountable for the truth of this declaration.

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To the best of your knowledge, have you achieved 3000 hours of qualifying fair value measurement experience?
Do you hold a college degree or equivalent (bachelor's level or higher)?
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