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Data handling and prevention of cybercrime

Data handling and prevention of cybercrime, 1st edition

We invite comments on a new draft professional statement, global: Data handling and prevention of cybercrime, 1st edition.

This professional statement sets out best practice in the handling of both data and the prevention of cybercrime, and provides mandatory obligations that RICS members and regulated firms engaged in this area must comply with. In additional to personal data which is addressed by GDPR and other similar legislation, this professional statement also defines client data, which is non-public, non-personal data or information relating to buildings or companies, that is often used to undertake measurements, valuations or other calculations, and the way it should be handled in order to ensure clients of the industry are protected from data or financial loss and exploitation.

The document covers a number of areas including:

  • Technology infrastructure
  • Data handling
  • Compliance
  • Best practice in common use cases addressing issues such as:
    • Physical access
    • Mobile devices
    • Cloud storage
    • Email
    • Passwords

Read and respond to the consultation by midnight on Monday 28th October 2019.

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