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Change control and management

Change control and management

We invite comments on a new draft guidance note: Change control and management.

Change control is the process or processes that can lead to the alteration of the timescale, the, cost and/or scope of the project. Change management in turn involves the management of the control process so that the timescale, cost and scope are effectively implemented.

The guidance assumes that the employer or its agent has the legal right to order contract variations, and that the contractor or subcontractor has not overstepped its authority and carried out works it is not entitled to do. It also covers the role of the person requiring the change, whether this is the employer's agent, the project manager or the contract administrator, in relation to the contractual definition of each role.

The guidance concentrates only on changes proposed and made after the contract is agreed, and not on pre-contract changes or value engineering before the contract award.

Read and respond to the consultation by midnight on Friday 20th January 2020.

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