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An online resource that allows you to quickly access detailed and comprehensive information from RICS including all RICS standards and guidance notes. It's divided into clear channels which allows you to easily drill down into any issue to help you retrieve information needed to make business decisions

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Split into channels, you can quickly drill down and retrieve information on specific issues. The dynamic search function brings up all related issues that are connected to the main topic including case studies, legal findings and free downloadable content.

  • isurv is constantly updated by a dedicated RICS team of over 200 contributors from legal and industry backgrounds to provide you with a broad scope of views and practical resolutions to specific issues
  • A one-stop-shop saving you valuable time from having to search multiple websites and books to find the same information.
  • Quickly access detailed and comprehensive information from RICS including all RICS standards and guidance notes, to help you
  • Make better informed decisions when responding to client needs
  • React faster to market changes
  • Realise potential opportunities ahead of your competitors
  • Save time, money and manage risk
  • isurv gives you the information you need to help understand the key dynamics and challenges in the market and use them to your advantage. isurv’s comprehensive information, case studies, best practice and guidance from industry experts, can help you quickly grasp unfamiliar disciplines and help your business face challenges head on
  • The information on isurv would cost over £20k. isurv is packed full of templates and checklists which can be easily downloaded and customised with your own branding. isurv can be accessed anywhere in the world 24/7, making it a cost effective resource for you and your team to use



isurv consists of multiple channels, buy them individually or get a package for all or 5 of them.

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Buy All channels - isurv Professional

RICS Professionals - £1,065 + VAT

Non-RICS Professionals - £1,900 + VAT

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Buy 5 channels - isurv Flexi

RICS Professional - £715 + VAT

Non-RICS Professional - £1,285 + VAT

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Save you valuable time

Suzanne Spooner, Goodlands on 12/19/2013

As a sole practitioner, I don’t always have a lot of time for research. I find isurv an extremely useful resource for finding quick answers to the issues I face day-to-day and frequently use it to ensure I am up-to-date with the latest issues in my specialist area

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