Infrastructure includes a wide range of sub-sectors and this pathway covers the global delivery of projects in this arena.

Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam

Hence, the general project and cost management of the process from inception to post-completion. Within the context of the sector, it also covers a number of competencies, namely project finance, building information modelling (BIM) management and asset management. The pathway seeks to fuse project and cost management competencies in order to reflect the global requirements in infrastructure.

RICS recognises the following fields below for the Infrastructure pathway. Candidates must select one to demonstrate their competence:

  • Transport: including road, rail, aviation and ports
  • Energy: including utilities, renewable sources and nuclear
  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining and resources
  • Water

The pathway guide should be used in conjunction with the core assessment documentation which is available on the RICS website and comprises of:

  • Requirements and Competencies guide
  • Candidate guide for your RICS assessment e.g. APC, Academic, Senior Professional, Specialist
  • Counsellor guide.

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