Valuation (Associate and Chartered)

Valuation is a core skill of many RICS members and forms part of the professional services provided by RICS members.


Professional valuations are vital to a healthy property/asset market and a stable economy, forming the basis of performance analysis, financing decisions, transactional or development advice, dispute resolution, taxation and various statutory applications.

Robust practice standards form the basis of high quality valuations. RICS is the world’s leading qualification for valuation professionals and is well respected by employers and clients the world over.

Specialist valuers operate across a wide range of asset types, working in both the public and private sector, the most common asset classes include commercial, residential and rural property.

Some valuers practice exclusively in one of these areas, while others deal with a wider variety of property/asset types.

The valuation pathway covers many asset types. RICS broadly groups them as three different specialisms: machinery and business assets, residential survey and valuation, and valuation.

The pathway guide should be used in conjunction with the core assessment documentation which is available on the RICS website and comprises of:

  • Requirements and Competencies guide
  • Candidate guide for your RICS assessment e.g. APC, Academic, Senior Professional, Specialist
  • Counsellor guide.

RICS also offers a Valuation pathway as part of the Associate Assessment. For further details please go to or download the Associate documents on this page.

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