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Access Consultant Certification

Access Consultant Certification

Certification in access consultancy promotes a best practice standard for built environment professionals who advise on improvements to buildings and infrastructure in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and on broader inclusive environment issues.

RICS and the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) are collaborating to improve engagement with stakeholders on the importance of inclusive design in the built environment.

If you are looking for a specialist in the inclusive environments and access consultancy field, the NRAC provides an online register of accredited specialists, many of whom are also RICS professionals

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For professionals with existing access-related experience, or seeking to develop as a specialist, membership of the NRAC provides independent recognition of your expertise.


  • Quality standard – the NRAC provides official recognition of members' access-related consultancy/auditing skills. Members may use the accreditation NRAC Auditor or NRAC Consultant after their names as proof of this recognition.
  • Marketing – members have their contact details supplied to clients by the NRAC via the online database of members, and through telephone and email enquiries made to the Secretariat.
  • News bulletin – the NRAC monthly news bulletin provides the latest information on legislation, products, seminars, technical matters and training opportunities.
  • Conference – the NRAC organises a number of conferences for members, affiliates and non-members. These one-day events include sessions on relevant topics, discussion groups and the opportunity to discuss issues with the NRAC Management.


All applicants must have:

  • knowledge of a range of user needs
  • experience on four access-related projects within the last two years
  • evidence of five days’ access-related CPD within the last two years
  • construction knowledge (this is evidenced by your RICS membership)

To apply, or for queries, please contact the NRAC directly.

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