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Five signs your CPD isn’t effective


If you’ve experienced any of the following thoughts, then maybe it’s time to rethink your approach to Continued Professional Development?


1. Why do I always leave it so late?

You won’t be the only person to start your CPD in November but scheduling a few hours every month or two will make it much easier to fit your learning around a busy day job.

This approach may also prove more beneficial by allowing you to steadily implement what you learn into your daily practice.

2. CPD is just a tick box exercise

CPD shouldn’t be a chore. Change your mindset by thinking about it from your clients’ perspective.

How could they benefit from what you learn? In what ways could CPD help you to add value, retain business or develop new services to offer your clients?

3. I can’t keep up with my peers

The world moves fast and keeping up with what’s relevant to you, your business and your clients can get tricky.

To enhance your market knowledge, use spare minutes during your working day to catch up with industry news, and save or bookmark articles for ‘deep reading’ when you have more time.

4. I can do all my networking in the pub

Attending industry specific events and seminars offers valuable returns in relation to CPD.

Not only does it keep you connected with fellow professionals, you can also debate, question and share best practice in relation to the topics you are looking to learn about.

5. I put-off logging my CPD

This also relates back to how you plan year-round CPD activity and avoid that ‘tick box’ mentality.

CPD recording should ideally be output focused (what were the benefits of your learning) rather than input focused (list of dates and actions). Log everything in one go, and it becomes increasingly difficult to reflect on all that you have covered.

Do you need support with overcoming any of the above?

CPD Foundation is a cost-effective way to stay on top of new standards, legal updates and the constant changes happening across the industry.

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