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CPD 要求和义务

CPD requirements and obligations | CPD 要求和义务

All members (AssocRICS, MRICS and FRICS) must record their CPD activity online. APC candidates should continue to record their activities on the APC templates.

所有会员(AssocRICS、MRICS 和 FRICS)都必须在线记录各自参与的 CPD 活动的情况。APC 候选人必须继续使用 APC 模板记录各自的活动情况。

All members must complete 20 hours of CPD activities by 31 December. You have until 31 January to record your completed activities online.

所有会员都必须在每年 12 月 31 日前完成 20 小时的 CPD 活动。并且必须在次年 1 月 31 日之前在线记录已经完成的活动。

CPD requirements for members | 会员的 CPD 要求

1. All members must undertake a minimum of 20 hours CPD each calendar year (January to December).

所有会员每年必须参加至少 20 个小时的 CPD 活动(1 月- 12 月)。

2. Of the 20 hours at least 10 hours must be formal CPD. The remainder can be informal CPD. (For guidance, see below and download examples.)

在上述 20 个小时的活动中,必须包含 至少10 个小时的正式 CPD 学习活动。剩余时间可以是非正式 CPD 活动。(作为指导,请参阅下文并下载示例。)

3. All members must maintain a relevant and current understanding of our professional and ethical standards during a rolling three-year period. Any learning undertaken in order to meet this requirement may count as formal CPD.

所有会员都必须在滚动的三年期内了解并掌握我们最新的职业和道德标准。任何为了满足上述要求而开展的学习活动属于正式 CPD 学习活动。

4. Members must record their CPD activity online by 31 January.

会员必须在 1 月 31 日之前以在线方式记录上一年度完成的 CPD 活动。

In certain circumstances it may be difficult to meet the minimum CPD requirements. This may include the following groups:

Contact us | 联系我们

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(9:00-18:00 Monday-Friday)

电话:+852 2116 9713 (香港) 或者010 65978586 *607 (北京)
(9:00-18:00 周一至周五)

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在某些情况下,可能无法满足最低 CPD 要求。上述情况可能涉及下列人群:

  • members on maternity, paternity, adoption or family raising leave
  • 正在休产假、陪产假、领养假或家庭抚养假的会员
  • members who are unemployed
  • 处于失业状态的会员
  • those who are on long term sick or may currently be non-practising for other compassionate reasons.
  • 处于长病假状态或由于其他照顾性原因而处于非从业状态的会员。

In these circumstances we would ask that members keep up to date at least informally and that they consider their learning and development needs prior to returning so that they are ready and competent to return to work when able to do so. Members who feel that they may have difficulty in meeting the requirements should contact us as soon as possible Our Frequently Asked Questions may also help.


Formal CPD | 正式 CPD

Formal CPD can be any form of structured learning that has clear learning objectives and outcomes, such as a professional course, structured online training, technical authorship, learning that includes an assessment measure. This can include self-managed learning as long as it has a clear learning outcome which is clearly linked to the member’s development needs. We may request to see evidence of any formal CPD activity; this may include demonstration of learning outcomes together with any supporting documentation.

正式 CPD 包括任何有明确的学习目标和成果的结构性学习活动,例如专业课程、结构性在线培训、技术著作,包含对学习成果进行评估的评估标准的学习活动。其中也包含有明确学习成果,并且与会员的发展需求密切相关的自我管理学习活动。我们可以要求会员出示关于任何正式 CPD 活动的证据,包括展示学习成果以及任何支持性文件。

Informal CPD | 非正式 CPD

Informal CPD is any self-managed learning that is relevant or related to your professional role. This could include activities such as private study, on-the-job training, attendance at informal seminars or events where the focus is on knowledge sharing.

非正式 CPD 是指与你的职业角色相关的任何自我管理式活动。包括诸如自学、在职培训、参加以分享知识为主的非正式研讨会或活动。

Activities that do not count as CPD | 不属于 CPD 的活动

Any CPD activity, whether formal or informal, should be planned wherever possible and be relevant to your role or specialism. Any activity that does not have a clear learning objective that relates to your role and specialism cannot be considered as appropriate CPD. Activities such as networking, social events, informal team building or planning events and involvement on boards, committees or clubs that have little or no relevance to your professional role will not count towards your CPD requirements.

任何正式或非正式 CPD 活动都应该尽可能事先进行计划,并且与你的职业角色或专业领域相关。任何缺乏明确的学习目标,或者与你的角色和专业领域不相关的活动都不属于适当的 CPD 活动。如果参与人际交往、社交活动、非正式团队建设或策划活动,成为委员会、理事会或俱乐部成员,但是这些活动与你的职业角色无关或关系甚少,那么这些活动都不属于满足 CPD 要求的活动。

Mandatory CPD | 强制性 CPD

All members are required to undertake learning in relation to our Global Professional and Ethical Standards at least once every three years.


Try our free ethics module giving one hour of formal CPD

尝试我们的免费道德学习模块,累积 1 小时正式 CPD 活动时长

In keeping with current arrangements, members who are affiliated with statutory or RICS schemes are still required to comply with these schemes' specific CPD obligations. Scheme-specific CPD is counted as formal CPD.

为了解当前的最新部署,参与法定或者 RICS 计划的会员还必须遵守与各计划相关的下列 CPD 义务。与各计划相关的 CPD 属于正式 CPD 活动。

Obligations for firms | 公司义务

Regulated firms have obligations to ensure that staff meets the following requirements. The requirements in the Rules of Conduct for Firms are as follows:


1. Competence: 'a firm shall carry out its professional work with due skill, care and diligence and with proper regard for the technical standards expected of it'.


2. Training: 'a firm shall have in place the necessary procedures to ensure that all its staff are properly trained and competent to do their work'.


For their own benefit as well as to meet the requirements of the Rules of Conduct, firms are well advised to have an active involvement in the training of employees to ensure they remain competent. A good appraisal system will include the ability to identify and rectify gaps in knowledge and skills, and allow employees to record the learning activities that they have undertaken. A firm should also be supportive of employees' personal development, for example through allowing study and training time during working hours or through annual leave, or through helping employees financially to undertake learning.


Training for firms | 公司培训

Ensuring staff keep their skills and knowledge up to date and that they remain competent to perform their duties is vital for firms. A comprehensive training programme benefits not only the firm, but also its members of staff and customers. A comprehensive training policy is important for the following reasons:


  • competent, well-trained staff are an important part of offering a good service to customers and meeting our  expectations of a regulated firm
  • 在为客户提供一流服务,满足对于受管制公司的各项期望要求的过程中,经过适当培训、能够胜任各自工作的员工是重要的组成部分
  • a clear policy on ensuring competence of staff can help to attract customers and win contracts
  • 针对如何确保员工胜任力制定明确的政策有助于吸引客户,赢得合同
  • maintaining employees' competence can go a long way towards defending claims of negligence by clients or complaints made to us and avoid costly insurance claims
  • 维持员工的胜任力非常有利于针对客户提出的过失索赔或针对公司提出的其他投诉进行辩护,从而避免高昂的保险赔偿金
  • offering training and chances for career development can help attract a high calibre of staff to your firm and improve the retention of employees.
  • 提供培训和职业发展机会能够吸引高素质员工加入公司,并提高员工的留用率。

Meeting training requirements | 满足培训要求

As part of their annual return, firms are currently asked whether they have procedures in place to comply with this rule. It's important that your firm can answer 'yes'. There are many ways that firms can fulfil their training obligations to ensure employees remain competent.


Assist employees in their learning | 在员工学习过程中为他们提供协助

Employees should be supported in their personal learning: this is an important part of being a responsible employer. Members of staff may be offered financial support for learning, allowed time off work in order to study or attend courses, or allowed study time in work.


Provide a training and development system | 提供培训和发展系统

It is best practice to have a policy in place to offer training and development to employees. This might be through providing in-house training or through sourcing courses externally. Members should consider different ways of providing training. It need not be limited to technical skills, but may also include 'soft' skills such as report writing or IT. Apart from courses, effective training methods might include lunchtime seminars provided by expert members of staff, mentoring or online learning.

最佳的做法是制定政策,为员工提供培训和发展机会。可以采用内部培训或外包课程的方式。会员可以考虑通过不同的方式提供培训。培训内容并不必须局限于技术技能,还可以包括诸如报告撰写或 IT 之类的“软”技能。除了课程以外,有效的培训方法还包括由员工专家主持的午餐时间研讨会、启导或在线学习。

Identify and rectify gaps in performance | 识别并纠正绩效差距

The firm should have a procedure in place to identify any gaps in performance at a corporate, departmental or individual level. Managers should identify areas in which individuals require training and this should be linked to the firms' appraisal process as part of their training and development policy.


Provide a system for employees to record their learning activities | 提供便于员工记录各自学习活动的系统

Our market research reveals that a quarter of members use their firm's system to record their CPD. A firm-wide recording system is a valuable tool for staff to record their learning, appraisals and development, as well as allowing firms to keep track of what training has been provided. You may wish to allow individuals to record their own personal learning as well as corporately provided learning. A recording system should enable individuals to plan learning goals, state actions taken, assess results of their learning, and consider what other skills need to be improved.

我们开展的市场研究结果显示,四分之一的会员使用公司内部系统来记录各自的 CPD。对于员工来说,全公司范围内的记录系统是一种宝贵的工具,可用于记录各自的学习、考核和发展信息,并便于公司跟踪已经提供的培训情况。你可能希望个人可以同时记录个人学习以及公司提供的学习情况。记录系统应该提供便于个人制定学习目标、记录已采取的行动、评估学习结果以及考虑哪些技能仍然有待提高的各项功能。

Employee access to information relating to learning undertaken | 员工可以查阅关于各自已经参与的学习活动的信息

If you have encouraged staff to use the firm's learning recording system, you should allow them access to their records upon request and ensure that those who have left the firm have copies of their learning records.


How we monitor CPD | 我们如何监督 CPD

RICS Regulation can use the online CPD management portal to check compliance statistics and CPD records.  This information may be shared with your employer if they are a regulated firm. Each year RICS Regulation will select a random sample of CPD records for comprehensive review.

RICS 规管部使用在线 CPD 门户来查看合规统计数据和 CPD 记录。如果你的雇主是受管制的公司,那么可以与雇主共享上述信息。RICS 规管部 每年都会随机挑选一份 CPD 记录样本进行综合性审核。

Difficulties with CPD | CPD 相关困难

Your CPD activities should be recorded on the online CPD management portal on an ongoing basis. If you have difficulties undertaking CPD or recording your activities online, please inform RICS Regulation at the earliest opportunity:

应该持续通过在线 CPD 管理门户来记录你的 CPD 活动。如果你在参加 CPD 活动或在线记录活动信息方面存在困难,则请尽快告知 RICS 规管部:

  • in the first instance we will provide guidance on how to overcome any issues
  • 首先,我们将提供关于如何克服各种问题的指导
  • we reserve the right to take sanctions against members who fail to meet their CPD requirements. However, we will only look to penalise members for non-compliance as a last resort.
  • 我们保留针对未达到相关 CPD 要求的会员采取处罚措施的权利。但是,我们将处罚违规会员作为最后的手段。

Deadlines and penalties | 期限和处罚

If you have failed to record sufficient CPD in a year to meet the requirements of the rule, you will receive a caution in accordance with Rule 4(c) of the Disciplinary, Registration and Appeal Panel Rules 2009. The caution (called a Fixed Penalty caution) will remain on your disciplinary record for 10 years. Should further breaches of the CPD requirements occur, you will face further disciplinary action as follows:

如果你在一年内记录的 CPD 活动时间长度未达到规则中的要求,你将收到根据《2009 年纪律、登记和上诉委员会规则》第 4(c) 条规定发出的警告信。警告信(称为“定额罚款警告信”)将在你的处罚记录中保留 10 年。如果后续再次违反 CPD 要求,你将再次面临如下所述的处罚措施:

  • second CPD breach: further caution and a fixed penalty of £150 or local equivalent. We will also publish a list of members who are non-compliant for a second time on the RICS website. Non-payment of the fixed penalty fine within 28 days of notification will lead to the fine being increased to £250. If the fine remains unpaid debt recovery action will be taken and the matter will be referred to a disciplinary panel.
  • 第二次违反 CPD:再次发出警告,并支付 150 欧元或等金额当地货币的定额罚款。我们还将在 RICS 网站上公布第二次违规的非合规会员名单。如果未在收到罚款通知后的 28 天内缴纳定额罚款,罚款金额将增加至 250 欧元。如果罚款金额增加后仍然未按时缴纳罚款,将采取债务回收措施,并且向纪律小组呈报相关情况。
  • third CPD breach: referral to a disciplinary panel which may result in expulsion from membership and likelihood of costs being awarded against you.
  • 第三次违反 CPD:一旦向纪律小组呈报就可能会被取消会员资格,并且可能会向你收取相关费用。