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Online Training

Dealing with Costs and Risks

The ability to control costs and manage risks is a crucial ingredient of project management. Since all projects present risks, the key is to understand the risks, mitigate and control them and respond decisively.

Available languages: Chinese, English, French & Spanish

Course Duration:
Enrollment duration: 90 Days
2 hours formal CPD
£60 + VAT


With the appropriate and effective use of cost and risk management tools and processes, you will increase the chances of meeting your project objectives even in uncertain environments. 

Who is this course for?

This e-learning is designed for experienced project managers or project directors, or managers in charge of projects.

Learning Objectives

  •  Understand the steps you need to take to measure the health of your project
  •  Adjust your decisions according to threats and opportunities
  •  Seize opportunities once they are identified
  •  Anticipate and put in place the necessary alert systems to be able to detect the appearance of expected and unexpected risks and limit their impact.


There are four modules in this interactive e-learning:

  • Using earned value to optimise costs and deadlines 
  • Assessing and minimising project risks 
  • Make use of opportunities within the project team 
  • Monitoring and minimising risks
£60 + VAT