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Benefits of RICS membership

Benefits of RICS membership

The credentials MRICS signify a chartered qualification underpinning work of the highest industry standards. Over 130,000 MRICS around the world are valued by clients and governments as a global benchmark for integrity and professionalism necessary for market confidence.


Your MRICS qualification commands respect from clients and peers by demonstrating that you work to the highest standards. The qualification is prestigious and a personal achievement to be proud of.


With MRICS qualification, you get access to a range of practice standards, continuous professional development along with best practice guidance, and more to enhance your technical and professional knowledge.

If you want to grow, you need to commit to a life-long process of learning and development. As an RICS-qualified professional, I'm a future-ready professional dedicated to maintaining the highest level of standards and ethics in the construction industry.

Laila Khalil MRICS
Director of Corporate Operations, Lowe's India

Increased earning potential

On average, MRICS chartered professionals around the world tend to earn more than their unqualified peers. Also, your MRICS qualification may fetch you higher fees from clients.

RICS impacts governments, developers, investors, consumers and other industry stakeholders. As an RICS-qualified professional, I understand my responsibility and commitment to the built environment profession and sector.

Michael Holland FRICS
CEO, Commercial Real Estate, Embassy Office Parks Management Services

Market advantage

The chartered qualification asserts your professionalism and credibility, instilling client and employer confidence in you. This gives you a competitive advantage over others.

Be part of a global network

With more than 130,000 RICS members around the world and offices covering the major political and financial centres, our market presence puts you at the forefront of the profession and at the heart of international policy.

Global passport

Being a globally recognized qualification of great repute, MRICS opens for you the door of numerous international opportunities.


You get to be a part of a strong and wide network of 130,000 professionals from across the world.

Membership enquiries

If you have any questions about joining RICS or our qualifications, please call +91 124 459 5400 or complete our membership enquiries form.

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