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Online Training

Dealing with Stress

Reducing work-related stress not only can enhance your performance at work but also improve your quality of life. Learn simple to understand and implement stress management methods.
1 hour Formal CPD
£30 + VAT


Experiencing stress is a major issue at work and all of us have to face it from time to time. Reducing stress should be our number one priority in order to increase job satisfaction and improve our quality of life both in and outside of work.

This course will teach you how to minimise the negative effects of work-related stress by helping you to discover your personal anti-stress method and learn about the benefits of breathing exercises and physical relaxation. You will learn about the consequences of stress on the organisation of your work and 3 powerful strategies to manage and control it.

Learning Objectives

  •  Start managing stress
  •  Assess your personal organisation
  •  Set up measures to improve it


This e-learning course contains the following:

  1. How to lessen the negative effects of stress
  2. Physical relaxation.
  3. Benefits of breathing.
  4. Using your personal "anti-stress" method.
  5. Positive and negative stress.
  6. The consequences of stress on the organisation of your work.
  7. Using 3 strategies to manage and control stress.
£30 + VAT