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Practical Ethics

In this interactive video course, learn from the experiences shared by three industry professionals about the different types of Conflict of Interest, what to do when offered a bribe and explore case studies of the kinds of ethical dilemmas that you might face at work.
Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 60 Days
1 hour formal CPD
£35 + VAT


Through a series of short video interviews with experienced property professionals, this course provides you with insight on the practical application of ethics to your work, through discussion of key concepts and a series of real-life personal experiences dealing with conflicts of interest, situations involving bribery and how to apply RICS ethical standards in day-to-day employment.

Each interview consists of a series of short questions and answers that create bite-size videos and segments which allows you to easily absorb the information.

Throughout the videos, you will also get the opportunity to test your knowledge through quizzes and other interactive activities to reinforce the learning outcomes.

In addition to the videos, there will be additional reading materials that can be accessed to support and develop the skills and knowledge needed.

Learning Objectives

  •  Apply with knowledge the RICS ethical standards to your daily work
  •  Identify the common forms of conflict of interest and ways to avoid or resolve them
  •  Distinguish between a gift and a bribe and know how to implement methods of safeguarding yourself and your business
  •  Recognise the importance of compliance control mechanisms and the need for ‘adequate procedures’
£35 + VAT