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Making a Success of Your First Management Role

Becoming a manager is a great step up in your career however it requires a wide range of skills to make a success of the experience. This eLearning course will run you through the essentials of how to make a success of your first management posting.

0.5 hours formal CPD
£15 + VAT


Entering your first management role can be a challenge and it is an important step to be able to showcase your abilities and effectively communicate with your colleagues.

This course aims to prepare you for the changes in your responsibilities and initial expectations of your boss. Through a series of simulations, you will analyse how to approach your first meetings as a manager, with your co-workers, and making your first decisions.

Learning Objectives

  •  Clarify the implications of your appointment as manager
  •  Overcome the first obstacles you encounter
  •  Switch from the expert's viewpoint to the manager's perspective


This e-learning course contains the following:

  1. The changes after becoming a manager
  2. Preparing the new appointment with the manager
  3. Holding the first meeting as a manager
  4. Building good working relationships with co-workers
  5. Making the first decisions as a manager
£15 + VAT