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Preparing and Structuring an Oral Presentation

Public speaking is unavoidable if you would like to succeed in business or want to climb the career ladder. Prepare, structure and deliver successful oral presentations.

Languages available: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish

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Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 90 Days
0.5 hours formal CPD
£15 + VAT


Public speaking can be intimidating for many of us yet we cannot avoid it. Delivering a successful presentation is an excellent tool for showcasing your skills and influences your business partners.

This course aims to build your confidence as a public speaker and helps you with the preparation of your presentation. You will learn how to manage stage fright, use verbal and non-verbal communication, use notes and handling memory lapses. You will get tips on how to manage stress, presentation preparation and practice.

Learning Objectives

  •  Be more effective when preparing your oral presentations.


This e-learning course contains the following:

  1. Managing stage fright.
  2. Using verbal and non-verbal communication.
  3. Preparing and practising for your presentation.
£15 + VAT