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APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

Organisations across all sectors and industries use project management to speed up innovation and effectively manage change. It is one of the fastest growing professions and a fundamental skill of any successful career.

Provides the foundation for expanding your knowledge

12 hrs Formal CPD

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£435 + VAT


Learn the language of project management and develop your career with this formal accreditation and demonstrate the key principles and practices of international PM standards.


Who is this course for?

This course is for those with little or no project management experience looking to start a successful project management career or want to understand the principles of project management excellence. If you are starting out in construction project management, these key technical skills are essential in good project management techniques. 


End of Course Assessment

On completing all parts of the course, you will receive an RICS Certificate of completion.

Course only

RICS professionals :  £200 + VAT
Non-RICS professionals :  £249 + VAT

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Course & exam

RICS professionals :  £435 + VAT
Non-RICS professionals :  £484 + VAT

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How to book the exam

The exam will be hosted by ILX, external to the RICS.

Following completion of the e-learning, please contact ILX at to arrange your exam.

To purchase the textbook relevant to the exam, please contact ILX .

The format of the exam is 60 multiple choice questions and the duration is 60 minutes.

Upon successful completion of all modules and the exam, you will be eligible to receive :

  • an accredited qualification from ILX - APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) - (SCQF Level 6)
  • an RICS Certificate of Completion

Learning outcomes

  • Define project management and the operating environment
  • Analyse the project lifecycle
  • Define the management structure by which projects operate
  • Define what is meant by project scope management
  • Be able to schedule and apply resource management
  • Apply risk management and issue management
  • Determine project quality management
  • Structure communication in the project environment
  • Determine essential principles of leadership and teamwork.


  • Course Introduction

    • Course objectives
    • Conventions/Terminologies
    • Professional Qualifications

    Basic Concepts

    • What is a Project?
    • Projects vs Operations
    • Project Lifecycles

    The Project Management Centre

    • Projects, Programmes & Portfolios
    • The Project Environment (PESTLE)
    • The Business Case
    • PM Processes
    • Project Success Criteria

    Organising a Project

    • The Project Sponsor/Board
    • The Project Manager
    • Project Assurance/Support
    • Project Teams

    Planning a Project

    • The Project Management Plan
    • The PID/SoW
    • Product-Based Planning
    • Activity-Based Planning
    • Baselining

    Scheduling a Project

    • Networks
    • Float
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Milestones


    • Top Down/Bottom Up
    • Delphi Technique
    • Factoring
    • Work Distribution
    • Effort vs Duration (Weinburg’s Rule)

    Management Areas

    • Resources   
      • Resource Types
      • S-Curves
      • Resource Histograms
      • Resource Scheduling
    • Controlling a Project   
      • Stages & Tolerance
      • Earned Value
      • Forecasting
      • Computer Based Tools
    • Scope   
      • Scope Planning / Definition
      • Scope Verification
      • Scope Change Control
    • Communications   
      • Authorities
      • Decision Making
      • Reporting
      • Project Issues
    • Risk   
      • Investment Appraisal
      • Risk Identification/Analysis
      • Response Development/Control
    • Quality   
      • Quality Management
      • Quality System
      • Quality Assurance
      • Quality Control
      • Customer Quality Expectations
    • Change   
      • Change Management
      • Change Control
      • Configuration Management
    • Procurement   
      • Procurement & Contract Management
    • People   
      • Teamwork
      • Conflict Management
      • Health, Safety and Environmental Management

    Closing Down a Project

    • Handover
    • Follow-On Actions
    • Post-Project Review
    • Lessons Learned
    • Project Filing

    Approach to the Exam

    • Exam technique
    • Exam simulator
£435 + VAT