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10 ways to encourage green building growth

International Finance Corporation (IFC) highlights 10 ways to encourage green building growth.

World Built Environment Forum
22 February 2019

International Finance Corporation (IFC) highlights 10 ways to encourage green building growth.

  1. Property Tax Incentive – Offer a lower property tax rate to developers for one or more years to offset the extra costs of building green.
  2. Height Bonus – Allow developers to increase the height of their buildings, either as extra floors or a percentage of total floor area.
  3. Expedited Permitting – Limit the permitting process to a minimum number of days for green construction.
  4. Reduced Permitting – Waive or partially reimburse permit fees for developers who certify their projects green.
  5. Grants – Incentivize solutions such as solar power by providing block grants to cities and states. Or grants can go directly to developers to subsidize the cost of certification.
  6. Loan Programs – Set up a loan fund at the central bank level so developers who build green can receive reduced interest rates.
  7. Technical Assistance – Train planners, building inspectors and other government staff how to qualify green building design with a software solution such as EDGE. The EDGE technical team can help.
  8. Net Metering – Work with utility companies to enable building owners to generate renewable energy to the grid, resulting in carbon positive buildings which can be certified with EDGE.
  9. Public Campaigns – Generate public support through advocacy efforts. Work with utility companies to build evidence of results and communicate successes to the public.
  10. Green Building Legislation – Bundle a certification standard such as EDGE directly into a new set of green building codes
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