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Effective Cross-Functional Management Part 2

The cross-functional manager is core to bringing stakeholders together from different areas of a business, ensuring smooth communication and leading them to the project objective as a team. This eLearning course will help you tackle each of these aspects.

Available languages: Chinese, Czech, English, French, Hungarian & Spanish

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Course Duration:
Enrollment duration: 90 Days
1 hour formal CPD
£45 + VAT


Cross-functional teams are drawn from different areas of an organisation, often with varying backgrounds and a wide variety of skills.  It is the project manager’s role to bring cross-functional team members together, form and influence them into an effective group communicating and working fluidly to achieve common goals.

This course consists of three modules, each one including a central case study to aid you in applying the knowledge gained to your own workplace.

In the first, you will learn how to coordinate cross-functional activities effectively. The second module will enable you to adapt your communication to the specific characteristics of the cross-functional manager and to other people from varied professional backgrounds. And finally, the third module will demonstrate how you can exercise your influence on stakeholders without a formal managerial link to deploy your leadership and secure cooperation.

Learning Objectives

  •  Identify and apply the different coordination mechanisms
  •  Evaluate and manage the impact of these mechanisms on stakeholders and their activities
  •  Introduce a relations system that encourages cooperation between stakeholders and their line managers
  •  Identify the professional frames of reference of the different stakeholders involved in a cross-functional mission and adapt your communication style to suit
  •  Handle resistance caused by different frames of reference
  •  Select the levers of influence and actions you need to make the stakeholders involved in a cross-functional mission more receptive and committed
  •  Use persuasive techniques to give your messages more impact
  •  Manage the different types of resistance shown by stakeholders


This e-learning course contains the following:

Module 1:

  1. Understanding coordination mechanisms
  2. Knowing how to use the different coordination mechanisms
  3. Managing the impact of coordination mechanisms on stakeholders

Module 2:

  1. Introducing a relations system that encourages cooperation
  2. Understanding the different frames of reference of other people
  3. Adapting your communication to suit these frames of reference
  4. Managing resistance caused by different frames of reference

Module 3:

  1. Using levers of influence as a cross-functional manager
  2. Exercising your leadership through persuasive techniques
  3. Dealing with resistance from stakeholders

Practical fact sheets to help you retain the knowledge you have learned in these modules.

£45 + VAT