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Conference papers

29 4月 2018

Automating progress tracking of scaffolding in construction projects

Scaffolding is one of the most common temporary structures, typically used to support the construction of the permanent structures. Being a temporary structure, current scaffolding management and handling process has been considered as manual, highly relying on subjective decision and hence typically considered inefficient to ensure construction projects achieving their planned budget and schedule. This paper explores the potential to develop an image-based scaffolding recognition method that will enable an automated tracking of the scaffolding construction.

Construction projects typically involve many activities including both temporary and permanent works. Whilst most attention has been given to the permanent works as the measure of the progress in these projects, scholars have reported that the temporary works also plays an important role in achieving the desired progress in the projects. 

Following the image rectification, clustering and rectification, this proposed approach attempts to recognise scaffolding beams from a single image by detecting and clustering line features in the image. This method of image recognition can be considered the first step in the attempt to automate the progress tracking of scaffolding works in construction projects to better support the overall project progress tracking and control.