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CPD 合规指南

CPD compliance guide | CPD 合规指南

Continuing professional development is a commitment by members to continually update their skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent. 持续专业发展是指会员们致力于不断提升自身的技能和知识,从而始终维持自身的专业胜任力。

All RICS professionals must undertake and record online a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activity each calendar year. CPD activities must be completed by 31 December, and then recorded online by 31 January.

所有 RICS 专业人士每年都必须至少参与并在线记录 20 个小时的 CPD 活动。必须在每年 12 月 31 日之前完成上述 CPD 活动,并次年 1 月 31 日之前完成在线记录。



CPD qualifying activities | CPD 资格认证活动

A diverse range of activities qualify as CPD. Because the system is based on personal assessment, deciding which activities are relevant is up to the individual member.

需要通过各种活动完成 CPD 资格认证。由于系统是以个人评价情况为基础,因此需要根据会员个人的实际情况决定需要参加的相关活动。

Members plan their own learning and development, and this can take many forms. Formal training courses, seminars and workshops are great examples of CPD, but we recognise that there are many other relevant methods of learning as well. Members must undertake at least 20 hours of CPD each year, including 10 hours of formal (or structured) learning. We have provided examples of formal and informal CPD to explain the difference. This list isn’t exhaustive, but provides a good guide for members as they plan their learning.

会员自行制定各自的学习和发展计划,并且可以通过多种形式完成相关活动。CPD 的典型例子包括正式的培训课程、研讨会和研习班,但是我们认为还存在大量其他的相关学习方法。会员必须每年参加 至少20 个小时的 CPD 活动,其中包括 10 小时的正式(或结构性)学习。我们提供了关于正式和非正式 CPD 活动的例子,以说明两者的差别。本清单并未详尽地列出所有活动,只是为会员在制定各自的学习计划时提供有效的指导信息。

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