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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Barriers in the tiny home movement

The tiny home movement is a growing trend in real estate where people are choosing to downsize the space in which they live and live more simply. Pursuing the tiny home lifestyle comes with many barriers and challenges.

This research seeks to first identify the existing barriers to the tiny home movement then identify possible ways to overcome these barriers. This research study is beneficial because it seeks to provide in-depth information regarding barriers in the tiny home movement, in particular to planning and zoning restrictions and financing for tiny home construction and/or purchasing of existing tiny homes.

Some of these barriers include building codes, planning and zoning requirements, and financial limitations that impact the tiny home housing trend. Current building codes for tiny home construction are available but not standardised. Qualitative research identified four major barriers and several related sub-barriers people typically encounter when purchasing or building a tiny home. Recommendations are provided to assist those seeking the tiny home lifestyle as a way of life.