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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Gaps and analysis in dam engineering industry projects of Australia

This research paper studies project management discipline development in the past decades and shows that project management research has become well-established with accepted theories, methodologies and standards. This paper presents a literature review on project success research history and definitions to identify the gaps related to success of dam engineering projects.

The literature gaps highlight the necessity for studying dam engineering project success in Australia. Performance of dam engineering projects over the life-cycle including strategic planning, design, construction and operation has not been studied even though these structures have significant economic, social and environmental impacts.

This research paper shows that despite huge amount of research outputs and diversity of the project management topics, it lacks a well-stablished research on success of projects suggesting working on project success models and improving project performance for specific fields. It shows that dam engineering industry is a field rarely investigated by project management researchers creating an opportunity to undertake research that both academics and professional project managers could benefit from the results. 

Improving dam engineering projects performance is the area that is unknown to researchers and project managers and hence, the unique aspect of this paper is that it identifies the gap and explains the problem that exist in dam engineering industry that justifies the necessity of conducting research in order to provide a paradigm for success of dam engineering industry projects in Australia.

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