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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Visualisation of complexity and risk in mega construction projects

There is a need to develop visualisation method(s) to conceptualise the complexity and risk-related events and visualise their impact on project performance. In accordance with this overall purpose, this study aims to lay the groundwork for the exploration and identification of effective visualisation method(s) suitable for mega-projects.

Visualisation facilitates representation and communication of information to help make sense of it and make informed decisions. In construction project management domain, there is a growing interest for applying visualisation to present construction data and track performance in a more effective way.

However, regarding project risk management, current visualisation approaches are not capable of portraying the effects of complexity and risk factors on each other and on project performance. Demonstrating these interactions is particularly important for mega construction projects, which are theoretically regarded as complex.

This research study helps explain conceptual relationships between complexity events, risk factors and project performance criteria by taking into account the other risk-related concepts such as vulnerability and resilience. Findings of this study can enable mega project practitioners to understand risk propagation behaviour in complex environments, to make managerial decisions proactively and to improve risk communication.