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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Developing a critical success factors framework for PPP healthcare projects

With the objective of increasing the efficiency and to cut down overall costs in construction and operation of the facilities, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) schemes have been used for healthcare projects across the world over the past two decades. These projects comprise a long-term partnership period with a great deal of costs, risks and opportunities. Considering the various stakeholders involved and inherent public interest, the vital importance of project delivery in accordance with the project objectives becomes prominent. This research determines the critical success factors (CSFs) to be used in the subsequent stage of the research for in-depth analysis.

This study constitutes the first stage of ongoing research that targets providing an in-depth analysis of the critical success factors together with their interrelationships for PPP healthcare projects. In this preliminary stage reported herein, a success framework was proposed by means of a thorough literature review. An outline of the relevant literature, proposed preliminary CSFs framework and the inferences drawn from the expert interviews conducted for the enhancement of the framework are presented herein.

Utilizing the framework, semi-structured and face-to-face interviews were conducted with experts from the private sector, who have experience with PPP healthcare projects delivered/being executed in Turkey. It was intended to determine the factors to be included in the model to be used at the subsequent stage of research, make the necessary revisions and enrich the framework with expert opinion. The results and insights obtained from the interviews were presented and discussed.