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Financial - Core Skills Bundle

Every day you will make a series of decisions that impact your organisation's financial performance, having the skills and knowledge to make these decisions is business critical.

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Course Duration:
Enrollment Duration: 90 Days
4 hours formal CPD

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It is essential that you have the right skills and knowledge to make and understand the impact of your decisions and to ensure you are not wasting resources or making uninformed decisions that will ultimately affect the financial performance of your organisation.

Are you an APC Candidate?

Business Planning, as well as Accounting Principles and Procedures, are mandatory competencies for all RICS Pathways. This suite of courses will support your development and help you to demonstrate this competency at Final Assessment.

Learning Objectives

  •  Identify the logic behind corporate finance
  •  Analyse and evaluate corporate financial information
  •  Identify, analyse and solve a cash flow problem
  •  Report the profitability of an investment projects
  •  Construct and manage a budget
  •  Construct a balanced scorecard
  •  Read the balance sheet and income statement
  •  Carry out a financial analysis


This Bundle includes 8 eLearning courses that will help you learn specific financial skills, that are a must-have in your professional career:

  • A logical approach to corporate finance
  • Analysing and evaluating corporate financial data 
  • Analysing and solving cash flow problems
  • Asserting the profitability of an investment project
  • Constructing and managing a budget
  • Construct your living balanced scorecard
  • Decoding the balance sheet and income statement
  • How to carry out a financial analysis
£99 + VAT