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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Early implementation of BIM in architectural firms

The implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is accelerating within architectural practices. However, there is evidence to support the premise that lean construction principles are being underutilised.

This research concentrates on lean construction, centred on the adoption of BIM. In addressing this aim, a three-tiered sequential research approach is adopted; in-depth literature review, interviews / focus groups and qualitative analysis.

The resulting data is analysed and discussed, with potential conclusions identified; paying particular attention to implications for practice within architectural firms. This research is particularly important to the architectural sector, as it can add to the industry’s understanding of the design process, while also considering the application and integration of whole life costing and lean construction to the design process.

It also highlights reasons for the success or failure of a construction project, in sustainability terms. Results indicate that the potential advantages outweigh disadvantages, but uptake within the industry is slow and better promotion of the underlying benefits is required. Although many studies have been carried out on lean construction, a gap in knowledge has been identified in its application with respect to BIM. The industry requires the development and promotion of a sustainable theoretical framework and accompanying dynamic model.

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