The strategic direction of the organisation is set by our Governing Council, which incorporates our presidential team and member representatives from around the world.

The Council is underpinned by boards and committees consisting of active members, our staff and 'lay' (non) members. These groups include world regional boards, national councils and 17 specialist professional group boards, along with policy committees and boards covering regulation, knowledge, membership and communications.

Our top-level strategy is set by our Governing Council, which meets three times a year, is chaired by the President, and includes our professionals from all world regions.

The Presidential Team is elected by Governing Council as the highest body of membership. The team provides leadership and oversight to the highest priority issues facing the organisation and plays a key role in supporting the institution to meet the vision.

The Executive Team consists of our CEO, Executive Director, Regional Managing Directors, and directors responsible for products, professional standards, reputation and people & corporate responsibility.

Our regulation is administered by our Regulatory Board, which is chaired by a non-member to demonstrate that our regulation of members is independent and at arm's length from the interest of our members.

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