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Certificate in Commercial Valuation Methodology

Build on your existing knowledge of valuation by studying the leading industry valuation techniques for Commercial Property. Gain practical insight into valuing commercial properties in this real-life, case-study based course.

Tue 15 Oct 2019
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
150 hours formal CPD
£895 + VAT

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Professionals who have the skills to value commercial properties will always be in demand.

The Certificate in Commercial Valuation Methodology will advance your skills in the core valuation methods used for commercial real estate, such as the investment method and the residual method. Through interactive online learning, realistic case studies and interaction in our forums our expert tutor will help you to use the correct process and calculations for each method.

You’ll also learn when to use each method, and how to fit these together with skills in inspection, measurement and report writing to successfully complete commercial valuations. Throughout the course, you’ll study the latest RICS guidance and learn how to apply this to your work. Overall, this course will help to build your confidence to complete larger or more complex commercial valuations.

This course will benefit you if you already have some foundational knowledge of valuation but are looking to increase your knowledge and confidence and take your skills to the next level.

Course benefits

  • Get your record keeping in line with best practice to provide audit trail and negligence defence.
  • Evidence your comparable valuations with qualitative and quantitative analysis using a matrix technique.
  • Feel confident deciding on the most appropriate investment method technique and apply a range of techniques without using software.
  • Understand the drawbacks associated with specialist valuation methods and apply that holistic insight in valuation.
  • Make sure your valuation terms of engagement and valuation reports are up to date in the application of international standards in measurement and valuation including the Global Red Book 2017 and the UK supplement to the Red Book.


The course is composed of six technical modules which will cover the application of the valuation competencies of inspection, measurement and valuation methodologies as required to value commercial property as well as best practice for drafting commercial property valuation reports:

  • Module 1: The Inspection – Context & Information
  • Module 2: The Valuation Part 1: 
    Comparable Method and the Market
  • Module 3: The Valuation Part 2:
    Investment Method with four techniques
  • Module 4: The Valuation Part 3:
    Residual method with two techniques
  • Module 5: The Valuation Part 4:
    DRC and profits method
  • Module 6: The Report: Writing an RICS compliant report

For more information on the topics covered within each module, please download the course guide. 


Learning outcomes

  • Use the core valuation methodologies correctly – Comparable, Investment, Residual, DRC and Profits
  • Write compliant terms of engagement and valuation reports for your clients
  • Apply RICS global valuation standards to your valuation work

From the trainer

Meet the trainer

Kate Taylor, FRICS, course trainer on 29/01/2018

"It is easy to get lost in commercial property valuation, as it is complex and wide ranging. I found academic study too brief and narrow in focus, and I found software took over and endangered valuer insight. I wish I had had access to training that tackled the subject in a logical and practical fashion. I wish this course had been available to provide the tools I needed to tackle complex valuation without panic and frustration. It would have been great to learn these skills as part of a community, like you find with this Distance Learning programme."


  • RICS professionals £895 + VAT
  • Non-RICS professionals £1075 + VAT
  • Visa

  • Mastercard

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isurv access is included for the duration of the course.


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£895 + VAT