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13 AUG 2019

RICS increases APC candidate support with digital tools in the UK

RICS is moving to a more accessible APC candidate support system with digital tools available, making it available to a larger number of candidates across the UK.

As part of this, our newly created Assessment Training and Support Team are creating technology-based collateral and solutions to enable candidates to access APC guidance and other free support more easily and flexibly.

From late summer, candidates will be able to join presentations and support sessions from their desk or on their device free of charge. This improved solution means that we will be able to reach up to 50 candidates at any one time irrespective of their location. Other tools including webinars and signposting, and guidance will also be available online to address specific sector issues and specialities.

At the same time as improving our accessible tech capabilities, we'll be enhancing our mentor community and access to it, so more candidates can receive this unique and specialised development support. Candidates will also gain access to virtual study groups, so they can share their experience and gain support throughout their APC.

The development of the mentor community will be in conjunction with our young professional network – RICS Matrics. Meanwhile, the counsellor pool will be extended to reflect the candidates' pathways and the increasing diversity of the profession.

This new offering, which comes into force in August 2019 will ensure the profession remains fit for the 21st century and will provide an attractive digital offering to the future leaders of our organisations.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our regional training advisors for providing valuable face-to-face support to so many candidates on their journey to joining our profession.

Any questions or comments should be forwarded to the Assessment Training and Support Team.

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