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22 MAR 2018

Changes to PAFI and GBCI publication dates

From April 2018, the publication dates for the Price Adjustment Formulae Indices (PAFI), the General Building Cost Index (GBCI) and related series have been revised following a change to the release timetable for data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The PAFI indices will now usually be published at noon on the Tuesday following the third Friday in the month. The next PAFI index will be published on 26 March 2018.

New publication dates from April 2018

24 April 2018
30 May 2018 – Wednesday (due to Spring Bank Holiday)
19 June 2018
24 July 2018
21 August 2018
25 September 2018
23 October 2018
20 November 2018
25 December 2018 – Bank Holiday

Series affected by this schedule change

  • Price Adjustment Formulae Indices
  • Measured Term Contract Updating Percentages
  • Highways England Maintenance Cost Index
  • Plant and Equipment Indices
  • BCIS Cost Indices (includes GBCI)
  • BMI Maintenance Cost Indices
  • Retail Prices

Release dates for all BCIS indices are published online. Publication outside of this schedule will be pre-announced.

Reason for the change

ONS announced that from April 2018, the prices theme day, which encompasses consumer prices, business prices, including the producer price indices (PPI) and house prices, will move from a Tuesday to a Wednesday.

Alongside this, labour market theme day will move from a Wednesday to a Tuesday; this is to ensure that there is greater time to understand these statistics ahead of Prime Minister’s Questions. Further information is available on the ONS website.

PPIs form an integral part of the compilation of the BCIS indices, it was therefore necessary to revise BCIS publication dates.