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How to register with RICS as a valuer

How to register with RICS as a valuer

There are different routes to sign up for valuer registration, depending on your circumstances, find out how to sign up and the information we require from you as part of the registration process.

Register as a firm

If you work for a regulated firm, your firm can sponsor you to become a registered valuer. In order to sponsor members for the scheme your firm’s contact officer will need to complete the application process by logging in to the RICS Firms Portal.

Login to the firms portal

Register as an individual

If you do not work for a regulated firm, your firm cannot sponsor you to become a registered valuer. You will need to apply as an individual by logging in to the Members Portal.

Login to the members portal

Register as a sole practioner

Sole practitioners should first register online to become a regulated firm. Once your firm is registered, you will need to follow the two-stage process for members working for a regulated firm:

  1. Complete the Firm Contact Officer and Sponsored Member information in the Firms Portal and press 'Submit'. You have now sponsored yourself.
  2. Complete the reduced questionnaire in the Members Portal.

By registering for valuer registration in this way you benefit from an economies of scale price benefit.

If you are not currently registered as a regulated firm, please contact us.

Register as a public sector organisation

If you work for a public sector organisation that would like to join valuer registration because it carries out Red Book valuation work, but does not wish to be regulated by RICS, please contact us.

How to deregister from valuer registration 

To deregister, please complete and return our form.

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