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Conference papers

29 APR 2018

Key performance indicators of stakeholder management in construction

The interest of this study is to evaluate and establish the PIs that are key for measuring Stakeholder management (SM) performance in construction project delivery. This study therefore seeks to answer the question "what performance indicators are key for evaluating the performance of construction SM?"

SM has become a widely recognized topic in construction due to the impact that stakeholders could have on projects and vice versa. Over the years, construction SM has performed poorly when compared to other industries like manufacturing. It has therefore become imperative to develop tools that will help quantify and improve stakeholder satisfaction, which is the eventual outcome of the SM process.

An evaluation of the performance indicators (PIs) that are crucial for measuring SM performance in construction project delivery is presented. Accordingly, an international questionnaire survey was conducted on academic and industry experts who are authors of publications, and/or are affiliated to Project Management Institute, International Project Management Association, and Co-operative Network for Building Researchers yahoo group. The respondents were invited through purposive sampling based on pre-defined criteria and snowball sampling opportunistically. The analysis of 67 responses showed that 10 PIs are key for measuring SM performance.

The 10 Key Performance indicators (KPIs) are useful and adequate to quantify the mutual satisfaction accruing to the project stakeholders. Consequently, mutual stakeholder satisfaction could be benchmarked, monitored and improved in projects. Some of the KPIs are subjective in nature and therefore, future studies should explore more objective measures for easy application. The relationship between objectives, success factors and KPIs should also be explored for academic and industrial use.