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15 JAN 2019

Change in PUBSEC reporting level for NHS schemes

After discussions with the Health Service Index Focus Group, the NHS and the Department of Health it has been proposed to change the reporting level of NHS Schemes to a PUBSEC index level of 250 from 1 April 2019.

The Department of Health advocates the continued use of PUBSEC for reporting schemes for approval. All NHS schemes submitted for approval must be reported at the agreed PUBSEC reporting level.

PUBSEC (Tender Price Index of Public Sector Building Non-Housing), was published by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills and predecessor department until 2014. Since then, it has been calculated and published by BCIS. From 2017, BCIS has produced an extension series to continue the previous PUBSEC series using an extended sample size and other changes in methodology.

The current reporting level is 195, which was set in March 2015 and was the index in 4Q2013.

The indices referred to, and other information in the National Health Service Capital Planning Newsletter, are required in the capital planning procedures that are widely used in the delivery of new and upgraded health buildings. These were originally published in the Department of Health's (DH) Quarterly Briefing issued by the DH Gateway Review, Estates & Facilities Division. This ceased publication in 2011 (Volume 19, Number 2) and was replaced by a newsletter developed by the Health Service Index Focus Group, published by the Midlands Strategic Health Authority, until its abolition in April 2013 (Newsletter 13/1). 

BCIS took over the publication of the Newsletter in 2013 to provide the latest indices, location factors and projections for inflation.

The newsletter is freely available, but the indices and location factors will only be available to subscribers to the BCIS Public Sector Price and Cost Indices online service.

For further information about the newsletter, contact Megan Haddaway.