Land Journal

straw bales in a field ready for harvestThe Land Journal is published six times a year for members of the Rural, Geomatics, Minerals & Waste Management, Environment, and Planning & Development professional groups.

The journal emphasises the crossovers in these practice areas and their global nature, with articles contributed by experts from all over the world.

Current and recent issues of Land Journal can be downloaded below. Earlier archived issues can be obtained from our library (e

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  • Land Journal February–March 2018

    Land Journal February–March 2018

    The UK faces some significant challenges over the next decade sourcing its energy and maintaining security of supply.

  • Land Journal November–December 2017
    Planning & development

    Land Journal November–December 2017

    There is a revolution going on in the development and application of satellite technology, and much of it is highly relevant to surveyors.

  • Land Journal August–September 2017

    Land Journal August–September 2017

    The notion of selling nature seems, at first, to be rather uncouth. You might wonder what a romantic poet such as Wordsworth would have made of it.

  • Land Journal June–July 2017

    Land Journal June–July 2017

    Bitcoin has been in the news as the currency of choice for hackers whose ransomware has infiltrated computer systems around the world.

  • Land Journal May–June 2017
    Planning & development

    Land Journal May–June 2017

    It may be hard to believe at the moment, but there is more to life than Brexit — as, I hope, this issue of Land Journal demonstrates.

  • Land Journal March–April 2017

    Land Journal March–April 2017

    Our lead article by the eminent Stig Enemark — well-known to many of you — is entitled “Supporting the 2030 global agenda”, and examines the need for sound land governance and administration as well as the importance of land issues in the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Land Journal December 2016–January 2017

    Land Journal December 2016–January 2017

    Where is the largest concentration of leopards in the world? The answer is Mumbai, India.

  • Land Journal October–November 2016

    Land Journal October–November 2016

    There’s a strong technological theme to this issue, though this is not deliberate. Rather, it is a reflection of how technology is affecting so many aspects of surveying, leading to new ways of looking at and shaping the world.

  • Land Journal July-August 2016

    Land Journal July-August 2016

    People have passions about many different things; Tim Farewell’s is for soil.

  • Land Journal June–July 2016

    Land Journal June–July 2016

    The Land Journal is not a news magazine in the strictest sense. But that does not stop it being topical.

  • Land Journal May-June 2016
    Land use

    Land Journal May-June 2016

    Recently, I had to give a presentation on the Land Journal. But with only five minutes, I just had time to introduce myself and talk briefly about the various specialisms that the journal covers. I decided to concentrate on outlining some articles – but choosing them from the huge range that the journal publishes proved more difficult than I had imagined.

  • Land Journal March–April 2016

    Land Journal March–April 2016

    Change is a word much favoured by politicians. You don’t find many leaders these days standing up and saying: “You know what? Let’s keep things just as they are.” Many professions, including surveyors, are not immune to changes in digital and other technology, and this issue of Land Journal reflects some of those advances in different areas of land surveying.