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Consent orders, fixed penalties and CPD sanctions

Consent orders, fixed penalties and CPD sanctions

Consent orders

A consent order is a formal written agreement between RICS and a member or firm concerning a disciplinary issue arising from an identified breach of RICS rules.

A consent order may include terms to:

  • take a certain action
  • desist from taking a certain action
  • pay a fine (up to £2,000 per breach)
  • pay RICS’ costs.

Consent Orders Agreed 2018/19

In accordance with the Regulatory Board’s sanctions policy, we publish a list setting out the number and types of Consent Orders issued during the previous quarter. The summary provides a general overview to demonstrate how we are enforcing the standards expected of RICS members and Regulated Firms, and at the same time seeking to protect the public and maintain confidence in the profession.

Please see below for a summary of cases per quarter, which will remain on the website for 12 months.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 YTD
Number of cases 8 5 7 22
Consent Order 17 5 7 31

Fixed penalties

A fixed penalty is an administrative fine and/or caution issued by RICS when a member or regulated firm fails to provide us with information that we have requested.

These include annual returns, CPD records and invoices raised for regulatory matters. If you have failed to record sufficient CPD in a year, you will receive a fixed penalty caution which will remain on your disciplinary record for 10 years.

The member or firm should pay the fixed penalty by the date specified in the notice and ensure that they comply with the relevant rule that brought about the fixed penalty.

Rule Q1 Q2 Q3 YTD
Rule 8 (Members) – Information to RICS 0 0 0 0
Rule 10 (Registration)  – Fees 0 0 0 0
Rule 14 (Firms) – Information to RICS 8 7 7 22

CPD sanctions

The RICS Rules of Conduct for Members places obligations on members to follow the CPD requirements of our profession. This ensures robust standards of professionalism are maintained. For the small minority of members who fail to meet these standards, the following applies:

  • failure to comply with the requirements for the first time results in a fixed penalty caution being placed on a member’s record.
  • failure to meet the obligations for a second time will result in a fixed penalty in the form of a caution and a fine, with the details of those receiving the second time fixed penalty being published on the RICS website
  • failure to meet the obligations for a third time will normally result in referral to a disciplinary panel.

Download: 2018 CPD Sanctions

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